ABOUT US | Orbay Chemicals
ORBAY Kimya İmalat ve Deri Kimyasalları San. ve Tic. Ltd .Şti.

ORBAY Chemicals Ltd. was established in Bursa in the year 2002 for production of auto repair paints, auxiliary products, industrial paints, mastics for insulation. Orbay Chemicals manufactures with a capacity of 10.000 tons in a year in its manufacturing facility of 7.500m² indoor space in Bursa Organized Industrial Zone. It is able to manufacture 280 units of products at a high quality and maximum speed and constantly at the same standards thanks to its advanced technology automation system.


Orbay Chemicals manufactures following products under the brand names Orbay, Orbylux, Autolac, depends on custom production with various companies in its own facilities;


·         Universal, general purpose and specialized putties (fillers)

·         All 2K acrylic products including mainly clear coats and primer fillers.

·         Kinds of thinners and additives.

·         Polishing and shining products

·         Auxiliaries

·         Mastics for insulation purpose


Orbay Chemicals develops all sorts of products with its enhanced Research & Development structure and technology and offers them to its customers with desirable features. It has become one of the popular companies in the private label sector with sensitivity shown to the brands of its customers, its high quality production and customer-oriented service concept. And today, it exports %80 part of its production around to 50 countries. 


Orbay Chemicals, holding (ISO 9001-2008 Quality Certificate), offers creative solutions to its customers by carrying out all the steps of the production process meticulously from beginning to the end. It enhancing its product and service quality constantly with advanced methods and techniques and considering growth, quality and success as renewable targets has attained a significant position in the sector with the marketing strategies it has pursued.