1K NC - is a premium quality one component fine-grained glazing putty. It is used to fill fine scratches from sand papers, stone chips, pin holes, dents, imperfections or defects from polyester body filler of primer filler. The smooth and creamy formulation allows for easy application, easy sanding, and a surface that is tack & pinhole free. It applies on the surface in very thin layers and left for the solvent to flash off between coats. Can be over coated with different types of paints (base, acrylic, alkyd).


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Technical Data Sheet
Clean and sand
Apply in thin layers 2-3 fine coats
Flash-off 5-10 min. at 20ºC
10 min. / 60ºC 15-20 min. at 20ºC
Short wave: 5 min. Lamp distance: >70 cm
Store in cool place
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