ORBAY Chemical Manufacturing Industry and Trade Ltd. Şti started its activities in Bursa Organized Industrial Zone in 2002, in a closed area of approximately 7,500 m², to produce Auto repair paints, Industrial Paints, Sealants for insulation purposes and auxiliary products. Since the first establishment date of our company, the most important department has come to the forefront as the R&D department. Thanks to this vision, we have become a very important auxiliary department at this point where we have come to respond to customer demands with a highly competent technical and distinguished workforce and develop niche and special products and offer them to our customers. 

Thanks to its own working principles and vision, our company offers brands such as Orbay, Orbylux and Autolack to the world market in its own production facility and also makes private label productions on behalf of different companies in its own facility. 

In March 2017, it is one of the companies that have a say in the sector with the same understanding of quality and its growing and growing customer portfolio after moving to the new and completely owned production facility with a closed area of approximately 6,000 m² in Badırga Leather Specialized Organized Industrial Zone. It has become one of the leaders of the freight production market with its unchanging and developing understanding of quality and its approach to customer special requests.

Today, our company continues to work meticulously with only professional workforce that has a serious production. By analyzing the needs and expectations of the sector it addresses in the best way thanks to the serious quality understanding in the sector with the latest technology we use, ORBAY Chemistry is in accordance with international standards, human health and environmentally sensitive product structure. 
It is taking firm steps towards becoming a “Brand Establishment” by combining it with its superior quality understanding. It is the company that guides its sector and is always followed by other colleagues.

Having the ISO 9001 - 2015 Quality certificate, Orbay Kimya has standardized its products and the service it provides to its customers by adhering to this quality understanding from the beginning to the end of the production process. As a result of this service quality, it is getting closer to its target day by day.

Orbay Kimya, which has two different production lines, delivers its products to all white goods companies operating in the Turkish market and their facilities abroad in the production line of Butyl and Rubber-based insulation materials, while in the Auto Repair products 
production line, it sells almost all of its production to 5 continents. Our aim is to develop environmentally friendly and beneficial products by advancing our brand and vision.