PLAST - is a flexible, soft structured polyester filler developed for use to coatable for the most common plastics available on the market. The putty has good adherence to flexible bodywork plastics (except for polyethelene and teflon) PP/EPDM, ABS, PA, PUR, PC and rigid plasitcs such as SMC and UP-GFK. Extremely easy to sand with P80-P180 for a perfect pinhole free finish. Does not clog sand paper. Excellent mechanical resistance due to its high elasticity which enables it to be used on elements subject to impacts. In addition, its anthracite grey colour, which is similar to the colour of the original parts, makes it easier to cover afterwards.


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Technical Data Sheet
100 g Putty 2 g Hardener
Potlife: 4-6 min. (20ºC)
Dry to sand 25-35 min. (20ºC)
Sand surface P80-P280
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